I loved my therapist btw

Welcome to my first blog post for my new blog site. I wanted to use my first post as a way to introduce to you who I am and what drives me to creating on the site. Well I am Tahiyya (pronounced Ta-hey-yu).

I started this blog as a way for others to have resources when it comes to dealing with their emotional, behavioral, and mental health. I also wanted to create a safe place where people can come and get acquainted to therapy and know what therapy is about. I grew up in an environment, Black community, where people thought therapy was taboo and just a place that white people go or where crazy people go to get their heads evaluated…aka shrink.

Well that is completely wrong…

Therapy is a place where you can go to get support, help, and guidance to deal with challenges that life has brought you. It is place where you learn healthy coping skills to face your problems. It is place where you can begin to make changes to living a better life.

I loved my therapist btw ❤

So who am I to be able to provide such a blog. Well not only am I a therapist I used to go to therapy and strongly advocate therapy. I am also a mother of three children and one on the way. I have married for the second time (yep a former divorcee). I am a stepmother who is learning the ropes of blending two families all while helping my own children through their different stages of development (21, 16, and 9). I am a recovering perfectionist who practice mindfulness to calm down my anxiety.  I love cats even though I am allergic to them. I love to read and binge watch horror movies. Most of all I love to help others unpack their baggage to make room for a better life.

So in the blog you will get my experience, my journey, resources to use, tips to stay healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and my truths as I hope they help you. You’ll get therapy without the couch…Unfiltered!

Stay tune for the next post…

But remember this blog is not a substitute for therapy. If you or someone you know is in need of therapy please be a friend to yourself or that person and seek one.