Anxiety be gone…

So I started a new routine on Fridays…yoga and meditation. Since starting this new routine I can say that I’ve ended my week a little more relaxed.

This Friday we did yoga and meditation in the park. The sun felt so good as it hit my skin and the sound of nature made both yoga and meditation a little more meaningful and a whole lot more relaxed. Like many other women out there I too suffer from stress. My stress also leads to anxiety. It’s not fun being anxious. It’s not fun being anxious and not having the right tools to come out. So let me share with you how I used yoga and meditation to come out of my anxious mood

1. I stayed present. During Y&M I used the deep breathing to focus only on my breathing. I didn’t focus on the many projects I have or want to do. I didn’t focus on the errands I need to run or the upset baby who was grunting because I wasn’t holding her (she was in good hands tho).

2. I did some positive affirmations. During Y&M there were some positive affirmations used to help me accept who I am. Part of anxiety is that you worry about events that have not taken place OR you worry in general. Positive affirmations can help you with self acceptance as well as accepting that you have no control over things that haven’t taken place…well because it hasn’t taken place. Say “I am good enough” and “I will not let worry take away my peace”.

3. I had support. Not being ok is ok however shame and other negative feelings and thoughts creates barriers that keep us from seeking support to get ok. I do my Y&M with a friend, actually my cousin (a fitness trainer and health coach). Together we provide support and encouragement to each other to end our hectic but beautiful week. As a therapist I believe that when we are surrounded by those who empower and encourage us it helps to build resilience to cope with our anxiety in healthier ways.

I’m planning on continuing this routine for as long as I am able to help cope with my anxiety. Are you ready to build your routine?

Well let’s do it.



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