ADHD hits close to home

Today was an emotional day as I prepared for my son’s IEP meeting. 

Working with clients with ADHD has been something I’ve done daily for the last 10 years. So when it hit close to home I felt at a lost. 

As a mother I was very emotional because daily I see my son struggling to keep up in school and it breaks my heart. I also see his strength because he doesn’t believe he’s struggling. As a therapist I saw an image of what could be one of my clients. 

Being in this field I was able to recognize the signs and symptoms early but denial was also there because I didn’t want him to be labeled. I didn’t want him to feel different or be treated different. However as the years go by and his academics suffered I had to step up as a parent and advocate for him and give him the tools to succeed just like the parents I’ve worked with has done. 

Living with ADHD is a daily journey full of challenges (and fun). Daily there are reminders, reassurance, redirection, and the challenge of getting through the day without allowing distractions to take over. There are also the emotional components of anxiety, depression, and/or excitability that can show up as well. Then there are some days of self doubt when you know you’re trying but it just seems so hard. 

So as a parent I say to other parents 

  • Hang in there. 
  • Don’t be ashame 
  • Don’t worry about the stigma. 
  • Don’t worry about the naysayers. 
  • Advocate
  • Educate yourself and others 
  • Get parental support (therapy, parent coaching, support groups,etc)

As a therapist I say 

  • Get support whether it’s a coach or therapist for yourself and your child.  
  • Learn techniques to help with getting focus and getting organized. 
  • Try mindfulness to manage the emotions and calm. 
  • Get structured
  • Talk it out
  • Have patience lots of it 😊

And know that you are not alone. 

Here’s a pic of my luv bug 



Do you need support with managing your ADHD symptoms? Email or call to schedule an appointment today for therapy or coaching. 


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