Healing from our past

Today I saw a client that is still healing from his past emotional pains from childhood. Although he believes that he’s fine and has moved forward reality hit over the weekend when he was faced with family calling him names and putting him down like they did when he was a kid. He said ” it hurts. It starts in my head and down to my stomach”. 
His words speaks truth as I’m reading The Body Keeps the Score. This books talks about how trauma, when not addressed, starts to break down the body. Our bodies feel the pain just as if we fell down and hurt ourselves and left a scar. We get older then we “forget” about the fall but the scar is still there, a reminder that we sometimes try to hide depending on the location. The scar isn’t healed it’s just there and can be reopened if it’s been manipulated or bothered (wound). It bleeds again. Or people begin to ask you how you got that scar and then you remember. The memories come back as if it just happened. 

Healing isn’t about allowing self to forget and let the wound become a scar. Healing is about facing the pain and rewriting the story. Healing is about experiencing the emotions behind the trauma and not being afraid to ride the emotions through in a healthy way (support group, helping others heal). Healing is about being able to speak your truth and not afraid to do it. Healing is about building relationships with positive supports. Healing is about knowing that healing is a process and you must trust the process in order to heal. Healing is about allowing yourself to get unstuck. Healing is…

Tahiyya Martin LPCA LCASA

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