New Year Reflections

As I move into the new year I have started to do a lot of self reflection. These self reflections have focused on both my personal and professional life. Well after last night’s group, a Facebook post, today’s periscope message that a client invited me to listen to I have finally made sense of my self reflection.

I want to share with you..

  • I am worthy. I am worthy of all that God is bringing into my life. All that the universe has aligned up to provide me. I am worthy of the love I receive. I am worthy of my practice. I am worthy of my profession. I am worthy despite the trials and tribulations my family goes through or has gone through.
  • I will no longer be inconsistent. I just watched on a periscope about letting loose the spirit of inconsistency. As a mother, wife, therapist, entrepreneur I walk around in busyness which leads to me being very inconsistent but not intentionally. I will walk in consistency and ask my support system to hold me accountable.
  • I will be mindful. As a therapist I had the opportunity to learn about mindfulness and teach it to clients. I practice mindfulness as well to help with my anxiety. As I walk into the new year I will continue to be mindful to stay present and give attention to those that ask for my attention.
  • I will walk in my purpose. Too often we get scared of our gifts and run away. However when there is feeling of worth, consistency, and mindfulness walking in your purpose will come with ease. This year I will walk in my purpose and continue to help couples, families, and women be their best selves!!

I wont’ end with the cliche’ of new year new me however I will end with doing self reflection is a great way to bring about awareness into you life.

Have you done some new year reflections? I would love to hear them. Leave me a response:)


Tahiyya xo


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