Trust the process

This month has been a week where the universe has been throwing out little gifts from God. These gifts have come in the form of people, Facebook posts, and spiritual pushes. As I move through my professional journey I’m very much reminded about my personal journey. I remember sitting on the couch with my therapist and she says trust the process. Well for me trust was just a four letter word because I’ve had few take that trust away from me as young as age 9. How can I trust in a process that I can’t see and can hardly trust the people I can see. Hence the beginning of my healing and recovery from trauma.

The process. ¬†We can’t see the process, but we know that’s it there. Just like faith. We can’t see it but we know that’s it’s there and yet we have faith. We must trust the process in order to reach our healing.

The hurt, memories, sadness, unforgiving spirit sit with us to prevent us from trusting anyone let alone a process. We have to find a place where we feel safe enough to address the hurt, memories, sadness, and unforgiving spirit. We have to find that inner courage to stand up to those things that keep us from trusting the process. It’s never easy. That is something I can guarantee. But once we give in to a higher power and start to trust the process we are one step closer to emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom.

When you find trust within you and start to trust yourself, trust in the process follows

Tahiyya xo

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