tahiyya martin.jpgHi. I am honored that you stopped by to check out No Couch Needed. I am a licensed professional counselor associate, and a licensed clinical addiction specialist associate; lover of nature, god, spirituality and ID Channel. Phew that’s a mouth full. I have worked in the mental health field for over 10 years now. I have a graduate degree in Marriage, Family, and Couple’s Counseling and I love to counsel, coach and teach. I have experienced many different life and family issues from teen parenting, to divorce, domestic violence, sexual trauma, having a diagnosis of anxiety, recovery (codependency), mothering a child with ADHD, marriage a second time with blended family and much more. I also went to counseling to work on my own stuff. This motivated me to give back what I have learned in my own experiences.

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I have been in the mental health field going on 10 years now working in direct care and as a clinician. My experience ranges from working with children, adolescents, adults, families, couples, psychiatric clients, mood disorders,  behavioral disorders, and addiction (substance and non substance). I  specialize in working with addiction, codpendency, disordered eating, and relationships. I work with couples and families that are going through transitions such as infidelity, blended/step family, divorce and life after divorce, coparenting, and remarriage.

On the personal side I am a mother of 4, a bonus mother of 2, a divorcee and newly married (to a new guy of course), an avid reader, and an avid watcher of crime stories (Law & Order and ID Channel) lol.

I love what I do and want to share with others who need some support beyond the couch.

I created this blog to share my knowlege, opinion, psychoeducation and insight to therapy to those individuals who need insight to their mental/emotional health or relationship issues as well as those who have fears about seeking a therapist. I wanted to educate my community, the black community, on how healthy therapy can be with hopes to eliminate the taboo of therapy in the black community.

Therapy is more than just sitting or lying on a couch. 

As an experiential therapist I love to get people moving and into their experiences to bring about awareness and thus moving into a position of recovery and healing.

I use this blog as merely a conversational piece to be able to share what I have been blessed to learn and attain over the years.

It is not a replacement for therapy or any treatment of any kind!! If you desire  or need therapy please do so…

So again thanks for stopping by and I hope you find it useful.

Tahiyya Martin MA, MS, LPCA, LCASA